1470nm EVLT Surgical Diode Laser

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S1-K12 1470nm 2-KG Laser System for EVLT, the symbol of small, smart and safety.

It is a small, intelligent surgical laser designed specifically for EVLT, up to 12W, which can meet all EVLT surgery requirements. The Pioon team's cutting-edge development capabilities have given the S1 an ultra-compact body - weighing just 2kg! Equipped with a patented laser intelligent system, it can give doctors the best operation experience.

Superior cellular water absorption gives 1470nm wavelength advanced vein ablation results at relatively low power settings, thus reducing thermal damage to surrounding tissues. Significant reduction of postoperative pain and side effects help to reach higher patient satisfaction that promote 1470nm lasers as the universal alternative to conventional 810/980nm lasers. Additionally, it has a very good effect on blood clotting.

Confirmed by clinical statistics, 1470nm's recommended power range from 5 to 10 watts.
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