£0.00 Aashirvaad Select Premium Sharbati Atta,

Aashirvaad Select Premium Sharbati Atta,

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About Aashirvaad Select

Aashirvaad Select is made with 100% MP Sharbati wheat which is harvested from the Sehore region of Madhya Pradesh.
Aashirvaad Select is a premium quality atta made from the King of Wheat – Sharbati wheat which is bigger in size and has a golden sheen.
Rotis made with Aashirvaad Select Sharbati atta are sweet in taste and softer in texture.
This premium quality wheat flour has been made with Aashirvaad’s process to lock in nutrition which ensures that you and your family receive the taste as well as nutrition.
Aashirvaad Select has been made with love in India.
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