£0.00 Authentic reborn and silicone baby dolls

Authentic reborn and silicone baby dolls

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We are professional artist indeed we studied at art school for 4 years and after our studying at a SPERIOR ART SCHOOL for 5 other years where we got a MASTER in painting after that we studied ADVERTISING for 3 years and become ART DIRECTORS , however working as ART DIRECTORS in a US INTERNATIONAL COMPANY for 6 years after that we went to painting making art and exhibitions and a long time later we discover the REBORN WORLD ,so we started to take studies online and our reborn dolls since 5years ,we make lifelike reborn in vinyl and silicone , we use the best materials to offer you the best quality possible to have babies that you can own for ever .
our babies have a character and almost a soul ) we think they are quite different ,

As we do this at for living you can trust us we have sold over 700 dolls worldwide.. we always have some dolls ready for our clients. we sell oue dolls at a very reasonable price. So here is the place to adopt a
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