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DERUTU Group's mission is to make it easy to build cities anywhere.
We provide a way to make construction more efficient. We provide technical support and products to help builders harness the power of new technologies to increase efficiency.
Headquartered in Beijing, the capital of China, DERUTU Group is a Chinese high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service. Since 2002, our has been focusing on wall plastering machines, putty spraying machines, mortar spraying machines, gypsum spraying machines, continuous mixers and other mechanical equipment. There are 3 R&D and production bases in Beijing, Tianjin and Henan in China, adopting fully automated production processes, strict factory inspection standards, and constantly introducing new products based on market feedback.
At present, it has occupied most of the market share of the Chinese market and has long-term partners in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and North Africa.
The company has always been adhering to the "technology first, service first" philosophy, and constantly provide the industry with the best quality products, the most intimate service.
We are becoming a brand in the world of construction machinery.
鈼?In 2001
DERUTU Group is established by its 8 founders, led by Guangjie Chen, working in Beijing. its first machines is wall plastering machine.
鈼?In 2001
The first generation of plastering machines, DERUTU-122A and DERUTU-122B models were introduced. Users need to assemble their own poles and fix the machine by themselves. The weight is 50 kg and the width of the painting is 0.75 meters. Change the traditional way of plastering.
鈼?In 2004
DERUTU Group was named China's national "High Technology Expertise"
DERUTU Group has passed the international ISO9001 quality system certification.
鈼?In 2006
The product upgraded and developed two types of DERUTU-124A and DERUTU-124B, and the installation of plated steel pipe and spiral grip device improved the convenience of use.
鈼?In 2007
DERUTU Group was selected as one of the top ten brands in the industry
鈼?/strong> In 2008
R&D launched DERUTU-126A and DERUTU-126 models, free-form seamless steel pipe tapered butt-rods, increased hopper, robotic automatic locking device, spiral tiger claw grip, universal thickness adjustment device. The operation is more convenient and quick. The painting width is up to 1 meter.
鈼?In 2009
It developed two kinds of DERUTU-128A and DERUTU-128B, free-retractable poles, laser infrared leveling series, remote adjustment thickness, high degree of automation, and the width of the powder wall is 1.2 meters.
鈼?In 2010
DERUTU Group becomes China's "Key Protection Unit for Independent Intellectual Property Innovation"
鈼?In 2011
The DERUTU-600 and DERUTU-750 models were developed to support vibration plastering. Completely to the top, the original road is calendared and hydraulically fixed.
鈼?In 2013
DERUTU Group has passed the EU standard CE certification
The DERUTU-110 and DERUTU-130 models were developed, the racks were raised, the operation was smooth, the fuselage was lightened, the transportation was convenient, and the plastering board was enlarged.
鈼?In 2014
DERUTU Group has passed the Chinese national authority test and obtained the honor of quality qualified products.
The DERUTU-110S and DERUTU-110SE models were introduced, infrared control, PLC industrial computer was installed inside, and the double wiper was squeezed four times.
鈼?In 2015
Drew Group has become an outstanding technology innovation enterprise in China and an important brand of China's technological innovation.
And led the development of the first industry standard for the global wall plastering machine.
DERUTU-2.0 was successfully developed, and the automatic vertical level was leveled, and the work efficiency was greatly improved, achieving an efficiency of 6 square meters per minute.
鈼?In 2016
The DERUTU Group product was broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV) and was described as a magical machine that changed the Chinese wall building.
鈼?In 2018
Products are widely used in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and other places.
鈼?In 2019
Has accumulated 7 national core patents and 50 utility model patents.
DERUTU-3.0 was successfully developed
We operate an ecosystem where all participants 鈥?merchants and others 鈥?have an opportunity to prosper.
We will answer your questions in the shortest time, answer the product usage, raw material ratio, product parameters and so on. Welcome to visit China, inspect our products and companies, and appreciate the enthusiasm and culture of China. We will provide a free pick-up service.
After purchase
We offer the fastest delivery, most products will be issued within 3 days if there is a suitable schedule. Transportation methods and packaging methods are all the most insurance programs. At the same time, we provide you with the most professional customs clearance services, proof of origin and other required documents.
Technical Support
鈼?Video technical support
We will provide you with a complete video tutorial, including how to use, maintain, clean, etc.
鈼?Field installation, commissioning and training
If necessary, our technicians can go to your construction site for training, debugging, etc., to ensure that you can fully grasp the correct method of use.
鈼?Online support
We also will be online to help you Spray Plastering Machine Drum
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