Cantilever Rack

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Jracking Cantilever Racking System is designed with C/C roll-formed upright column of hot-rolled coil, while arm and column are bolted connected by lifting lug. The base is a welded single unit to be bolted with column. Adjustable diagonal flats and connecting bar is designed to improve the whole stability. Both single-side and double-side bases are available to meet different storage requirements.

Heavy duty Cantilever Racking is particularly suitable for storing lumber, long loads, and heavy loads such as car, offering the possibility of locating the levels (arms) on one or both sides of the fully independent structure. It with structural stability,high carrying capacity, large amount of storage. Its very common for industrial use. It can range in sizes, gauges and accessories are available to meet all your requirements. Cantilever arm elevations are easily adjustable to accommodate any size of goods. https://www.jracking.com/cantilever-rack/
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