£9500.00 Charcoal for sale

Charcoal for sale

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Price: £9500.00
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Sudanese natural coal for sale and export
We have Sudanese natural charcoal, toasted first for a hookah
All kinds of charcoal are completely free of any moisture, impurities or dust
Available in customized packages
Charcoal is completely exempt from the customs of your country where the exchange papers are
Make sure before you buy company papers and don't be subject to fraud
3A Group to sell African coal
We also have citrus charcoal, first toast, lemon charcoal, orange, and kervout
We also have Nigerian natural charcoal, toast for shisha and grills
We also have natural charcoal for two first grill toast
Available in all types of packages and sizes
Shipping is available to the buyer with the fastest shipping companies
To communicate with us through all means of communication via the following number
Or through the following e-mail
[email protected]
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