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China L Anchor Bolt factory

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Website: http://www.dnfastener.com/special-fasteners/l-anch
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http://www.dnfastener.com/special-fasteners/l-anchor-bolt/ Material:Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel ,Steel etc
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Model Number:BOLT
Finish:Plain, Zinc Plated, Black oxide, Nickel,Chrome, H.D.G
Port:Tianjin Port
Used:building industry machinery
Package:Buyer's Requirement

L-bolt installation method:
1. One-time burying method: When pouring concrete, bury the anchor bolts. When high towers are controlled by overturning, the anchor bolts should be embedded once.

2. Reserved hole method: the equipment is in place, the holes are cleaned, the anchor bolts are put into the holes, and the equipment is positioned and corrected, and then poured with non-shrinking fine-stone concrete one level higher than the original foundation for compaction. The distance from the center of the anchor bolt to the edge of the foundation should not be less than 4d (d is the diameter of the anchor bolt), and should not be less than 150mm (d鈮?0, should not be less than 100mm),
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