China Medical Bottle Cap Mould manufacturers

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1. Medicine bottle cap mould application
Nowadays,the plastic medicine bottle caps produced by our medicine bottle cap mould are highly demanded and wildly use in kinds packaging of medicine.
2. Business step for medicine bottle cap mould
1.R&D of medicine bottle cap mould We support customer medicine bottle cap mould R&D. Make the files or improve the design if you needed.
2.Quotation Making for medicine bottle cap mould Medicine bottle cap mould Quotation will be finished in 1 day according to information we get.
3.Negotiation for medicine bottle cap mould The medicine bottle cap mould quality, price, material, delivery time, payment item, etc.
4.Mould Design of medicine bottle cap mould 1-2days for product 3D/2D drawing design as per customer's design or our company's design. Then in further make the mould 2D/3D design.
5.medicine bottle cap moulding 1. confirm the proucts and the medicine bottle cap mould design
2. medicine bottle cap mould material prepare
3. Rough machining(heat treatment on mold base and pre-harden on mold)
4. CNC/ Vacuum Hardening on medicine bottle cap mould main spare parts
5. finishing machining( JDPAINT, DEM.etc)
6. Dimension inspection
7. Ejector& runner& cooling & other device process
8. Assemble medicine bottle cap mould
6.Mould Testing of medicine bottle cap mould When medicine bottle cap mould are finished, we will test the mould and we will send samples for consumer reference.
7. Sample confirmation of medicine bottle cap If the first sample is not satisfied by customer when it is come out. We modify the medicine bottle cap mould and until meet customer鈥檚 satisfaction.
8.Delivery medicine bottle cap mould Delivery medicine bottle cap mould by sea or by air, according to customer鈥檚 requirement.
3.Company introduction
We are a plastic injection cap mould manufacturer from China.Applied with advanced equipment and high quality control system,our cap moulds are highly demanded in the market.We always consider quality as the first during a cap mould manufacturing,so we are focus on every process and machine manufacturing,in order to avoid any unexpected mistakes.Besides,we strictly control the time of every process.So that we can deliver top quality cap mould to our customers on time.
4. Our service
1)We offer our clients service of making prototype design and prototype development. That will help our customers in new product reach and development, and save the cost of your cap mould
2)Video from Haoqiang Mould
We stocked all your moulds running videos. We will send you video for inspection of mould running or study mould operation before mould shipment. It saved your time in assembling.
3)Spare Parts
We offer customers after-sale service of prompt delivery of spare parts. We keep all the drawings for spare parts in case for customer use, and offer quantity of spare parts on quotation.
4)Welcome to visit our website and inquire us at your convenience
China Medical Bottle Cap Mould manufacturers
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