Custom Black Badger Shaving Brush
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Items No.:BFM-W11XR
Handle Material:Wood
Knots Material锛?/p>4th grade black badger
Handle Weight:21g
Overall Weight:37g
Handle Height:53mm
Overall Height:109mm
How to use the shaving brush
A good shaving brush is essential for a comfortable shave. Firstly selected the suitable shave brush for you, soft or stiff hair you like? But whatever you like, please use high-quality shaving products to assure the smoothest closest shave without any irritation.
Before the shaving, it's better to shave after you showered , or use a hot towel on your face a few minutes, so that your pores can be opened and let the hair softened well.
Then, in order to let your skin well prepared, pls use pre shave oil on your face, so there is a protective layer between your skin and razor.
After that, the most important step, it's creating rich and creamy lathers. So put your shave brush into warm water and slightly remove excess water, using the shaving cream or shaving soap, apply the brush to your face in a circular motion or to generate rich lathers by the shaving bowl or mug. So give skin peeling and massage and to increase the blood circumstance and heat to the skin during the shaving process, which helps open pores and lubricate the skin, preparing the skin for shaving.Custom Black Badger Shaving Brush
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