£330.00 Diabetes tablets | JRK's D-CO-D Tablets

Diabetes tablets | JRK's D-CO-D Tablets

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DCOD tablets , a clinically proven drug to reduce post prandial blood glucose and also controls the possible co-morbidities. DCOD tablets scientifically proven to reduce the co-morbidities of diabetes. DCOD tablets protects vital organsfrom high blood glucose. DCOD tablets reduces the risk of co-morbidities and multiple organ dysfunctions. DCOD tablets tested on Liver cells, skeletal muscle cells, Nerve cells, pancreatic cells, Lipocytes, kidney cells and neuroblast cells. Did not affect any of the above organ cells –Safe for long term use. DCOD tablets reduces kidney damage from proteinuria. DCOD tabletsincreases Glucose utilization and metabolism. DCOD tablets suppress myeloperoxidase activity- protect from cardiac & inflammatory diseases. DCOD tablets boosts immunity and prevents infections. DCOD tablets reduces alpha amylase, alpha glucosidase and thus control post prandial blood glucose levels. DCOD tablets boosts first line of immunity by improving the phagocytosis thus prevents
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