£0.00 Diamond Dowel Plate - Flooring Dowel Plate manufacturer from Mumbai

Diamond Dowel Plate - Flooring Dowel Plate manufacturer from Mumbai

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Diamond Dowal Plate is used for flooring purposes for Ground bearing & Piling to Heavy-duty concrete floor. This is also known as Cold Drawn Steel because this will provide Durable Protection to Heavy Duty Concrete Slab aris', also known for aris protection. This will be ideal for the concrete slab in a Heavy-duty traffic Environment. It creates free movement for load transfer on heavy-duty slabs.TRP Machines & Tools standard in the range of prefabricated heavy-duty movement joint systems. Diamond dowel plates used especially in warehousing and automobile project were maximum load transports during vehicle motion. the dowel is made with virgin ABS polymer for heavy load stability. Diamond dowel plates are available in rectangle and triangle models. Diamond dowel systems are mainly used in upcoming projects for larger surface areas. Diamond dowel system in concert with Armond joint.Diamond dowel plates are used in 100 x 100 x 6 mm or 150 x 150 x 6mm.It is available in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyd
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