Divorce Financial Settlements
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Reaching a financial settlement after divorce will depend largely on what your relationship with your spouse is and how complex your respective financial affairs are. You may be dealing with assets held abroad, inherited wealth, complicated pensions and business structures, assets held in trust from which the family spending is paid, and even the existence of pre or post-nuptial agreements.
Further, one party may be in ill health and unable to work. This scenario would bring into sharp focus the possibility of the other possibly needing to consider paying maintenance to them for life in lieu of a substantial capital settlement to provide for housing and living costs.
If the intention of the separating couple is to resolve financial matters quickly and amicably, they may initially attempt to agree matters directly, but the more complex their finances the less likely they would be able to resolve matters themselves.
Family mediation can assist some couples to reach a financial settlement with the assistance of a neutral third-party mediator. The mediator is not permitted to offer legal advice to either party, but it would still be helpful for the parties to have their own divorce financial settlement solicitors in the background to assist them.
If mediation is not successful or is not something that the parties are willing to consider, there are further options for the separating couple to explore to resolve matters out of court. These include the collaborative law process and direct face to face negotiating between the spouses and their lawyers at round table meetings.
Josiah-Lake Gardiner’s experienced family solicitors specialise in both the Collaborative Law process, which promotes an open and non-confrontational approach to relationship breakdown and conducting effective round table meetings.
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