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Dr.JRK's Kabasura kudineer Chooranam | Jrk research

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Dr.JRK'sKabasuraKuidneerChooranam effective for fever with respiratory problems presented in unique ready to drink formula. KabasuraKudineer is an ideal siddha sastric medicine indicated in ancient siddha literature for managing the symptoms of viral fever as a co prescription along with the main treatment. The recent preliminary studies also proved that the herbal actives present in kabasurakudineer will bind with viral protein and prevents replication clinical trials are going on for its effect on virus. Kabasurakudineer helps in boosting immunity and reducing the symptoms of cough and fever associated with respiratory diseases. Kabasurakudineer results in faster and greater absorption and conforms to the highest standards in preparation of Siddha Sastric medicines. Kabasurakudineer uses Rapid Release Technology which ensures faster and rapid release of herbal actives present in the drug. Recommended by Ministry of AYUSH to take kabasurakudinner to boost immunity during the pandemic
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