£0.00 Economic Prosperity - Is the US Losing to China?

Economic Prosperity - Is the US Losing to China?

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The world is in crisis, with billions of people living in countries where their physical, mental, and financial well-being is constantly in danger. We are focusing on the reasons for the sufferings of these people and the changes required for achieving prosperity for all.

Just imagine a world where every individual is only allowed to do good and no one is above the law.
Our goal is to start an Internet-based revolution that connects people around the globe. This movement will prevent governments and politicians from implementing laws detrimental to achieve economic prosperity. People across the world will connect with each other via a multilingual and crowd-funded website to facilitate the exchange of ideas on governance with checks and balances. The site will fund sponsors around the world to spread awareness in their own countries. Together we will back political leaders who will support this platform for the protection of individual rights.

We need to start looking at the needs of
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