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Eight Fold Paths Of Buddhism

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The Eightfold Path is composed of eight primary teachings that Buddhists follow and use in their everyday lives:

Right View or Right Understanding: Insight into the true nature of reality
Right Intention: The unselfish desire to realize enlightenment
Right Speech: Using speech compassionately
Right Action: Using ethical conduct to manifest compassion
Right Livelihood: Making a living through ethical and nonharmful means
Right Effort: Cultivating wholesome qualities and releasing unwholesome qualities
Right Mindfulness: Whole body-and-mind awareness

The word translated as "right" is samyanc (Sanskrit) or samma (Pali), which means "wise," "wholesome," "skillful," and "ideal." It also describes something that is complete and coherent. The word "right" should not be taken as a commandment, as in "do this, or you are wrong."

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