Flea & Worm Treatments - Worm Screen Tablets for Dogs (2 tablets)

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Worm Screen Tablets treats mixed infections of both roundworms and tapeworms. Roundworms and tapeworms are parasites and live in the gut. If left untreated they can cause your dog to become unwell. Treating your dog regularly will reduce the risk of other animals and humans being exposed to worm infections such as Toxocara.

WormScreen Tablets for Dogs are for oral use only and can be given directly or with food.

Intestinal worms in dogs are very common and it is difficult to see if your dog has worms. Worms can be picked up from just talking your dog for a walk, other animals’ faeces or contaminated mud and soil, from grooming and ingesting fleas, also from humans entering the house, unwittingly carrying the odd flea or egg on clothing or shoes. It is important to pick up your dogs’ poo and also to wash your dog after a muddy walk.
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