£3010.00 Grain cleaner | Aerodynamic separator ASM 5 t/h for grain / seed clean

Grain cleaner | Aerodynamic separator ASM 5 t/h for grain / seed clean

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Price: £3010.00
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✅ The ASM-5 is an aerodynamic separator designed to clean grain from any kind of debris and calibrate seeds. It purifies and calibrates grains of wheat, barley, oat, millet, sunflower, corn, peas, mustard, rice, soybean, sorghum, vetch, lupine, caraway, flax, rape, buckwheat, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, cucurbitaceous crops, legumes and other crops seeds.

✅ Characteristics:
- when cleaning up to 5 t/h;
- when calibrating up to 3 t/h.
Power consumption: 0.2 – 0.6 kW/h.
Weight: 135 kg.
Overall dimensions of L×W×H: 2040х605х2070mm.
✅ Working principle.
The principle of work consists in the trajectory change of a grain falling under the influence of air flow, due to its specific weight and sailing capacity. The separator body is metallic and its thickness is 1.5 mm. It is equipped with a hopper load and an electric motor, on the shaft of which a fan is fixed.
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