£0.00 Healing voice to hear!

Healing voice to hear!

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No matter who you are and where you are, do you feel lonely more easily since COVID and want to share the ups and downs of your emotions? Do you feel like chatting to someone about things that you don't want to /are unable to talk to your family or friends? Do you ever have the feeling that nobody in this world really understand you? If so, then you are not alone. I might be the one that you want to come to talk to.

People I met from different walks of life, (including from work and friends) constantly told me that I have got sweet/soft/lovely voice that is like giving spa to their ears lol. I am always the one that friends or colleagues would like to turn to if they need listening ears. They calm, comforted and even healed after chats with my understanding nature. I am focusing on maximise my healing power to benefit both myself and those that need such talk therapy service.

For initial enquiries, you can also contact me via Skype: water1gold6
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