£0.00 Home Automation with Alexa

Home Automation with Alexa

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Smart homes are not just concepts of the future; it is the new reality of now. We've seen a surge of home automation devices in the past couple of times. They all are aiming at making our life easy and trying to add the grandness to it.
Starting with something as familiar as Alexa or Google Home devices, many urban homes have these days. To the recently launched Amazon plugs or Alexa Light Switch that make your standard device into a smart one, everything aims towards a smarter tomorrow.
But the current problem is that we have to have too many setups to make our whole home into a smart one. Imagine fiddling between which switch to on because you forgot to name them—and waiting to customize something to your want but not having the option to do so.
This marks the assemblage of different units that brings everything under a single umbrella and acts as a single unit. Well! There are some emerging solution providers for the same problem in current times.
Aliste Technologies is one such fir
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