£80.00   How to Activate STARZ in APPLE TV ?

How to Activate STARZ in APPLE TV ?

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The STARZ app is required to access the services of STARZ for Apple TV. Follow the below steps to sign with a code.The steps to follow Open App Store by going to Apple TV,Download the STARZ Play.Select the application from your home window.Register with your account details at STARZ.You can visit the STARZ from any device.Enter the code from the screen in the appropriate field of the website page.To register your device, click the Submit button.Once you have entered the code, registration for Apple TV will start. You'll be able see all the available TV shows and movies at any given time. These steps are very similar to the one before.Starz made its debut as the first phase of a seven-channel thematic multiplex that was launched by Starz.com/activate (then Encore Media Group) over the course of the succeeding eight months, with the remaining six channels being launched between July and September 1994.
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