£0.00 How to Fight Against Corona Virus ?

How to Fight Against Corona Virus ?

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Symptoms Of Corona Virus
If you are affected by Corona virus, you may have some common symptoms such as Fever, Dry Cough, Shortness Of Breath, Loss of smell/taste, Gastrointestinal Issues, Diarrhea, General Body Aches. If you are affected severaly, you may have High Fever, Pneumonia, Kidney Failure, Death(2% of cases).
Corona virus usually spread from an infected person to another person by coughing and sneezing. Spreads also by contact or fecal-oral route. It is very infectious. Always see a doctor when in doubt.
Tips/Tricks For Corona Virus
1. Keep your hands, nose, face, mouth clean. Wash your hands, nose, and face often. Avoid touching public place handles/buttons. Wear gloves and eyeglasses if need be.
2. Use a mask if available. Any confined space like taxi, keep windows open. Avoid too much crowd.
3. Keep away from infected individuals and places. If you think you may have it, stay away from other people.
4. Eat healthily. Keep hydrated. Herbal drinks like Holy basil and Turmeric can help.
5. Keep handphones, keyboards, mouse, laptops clean. Don’t shake hands. Use Indian Namaskaram instead.
6. Avoid farms and animals. Don’t eat uncooked meat. Don’t take food from strangers, especially if they are coughing.
7. Keep and maintain social distancing from other people. Keep away of at least 1-2 metres. No hugs, kisses or sharing foods.
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