How to fix Android File Transfer if it not running on Mac.
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As the name suggests, Android File Transfer is a modern app that allows Mac users to move files between their computers and Android smartphone. For the most part, it's a strong and reliable piece of software, but if you should find that it stops working, what can be made to improve the situation? In this article we give you a few fixes to try that will positively get your devices communicating once more.
Review your cables and connectors
Before searching into any difficult software solutions, it's always best to see whether the purest parts of your setup are working rightly. All USB cables are not equal and you may notice that one that will cheerfully charge your phone force struggle to connect with other devices.
Try stopping the USB cable into different PC to see whether it records or not. If the latter is true then it strength be worth using another cable to see if that answers the problem. Should your phone register on another PC, then its strength be worth trying a different port on your Mac to see if that helps at all?
Modernize your software
The different common problem is specific versions of software not running perfectly together. We have noticed reports in the knowledge of macOS Catalina 10.15 not choosing Android File Transfer while users updating to 10.15.1 got the issues went away.
Try modernizing both Android and macOS to the latest version, and/or search online for any known issues particular to the versions you are currently working
On a Mac, go to System Preferences > Software Update and check if a current version is available. For Android, go to Settings > Software Update (or on any phones, it will be Settings > System > Advanced > System Update) and understand if you are up to date.
The Android File Transfer site says that the app helps macOS 10.7 and higher, so you will need to be at least on this version if you want to use that software.
Make sure your phone stands within the right mode
If you connect your smartphone to your Mac, it does not automatically move into file sharing mode. The default is to just charge the laptop's battery or the desktop mains supply.
Toward most phones, you wish to require to swipe down to open the Notification section then look for a section something on the lines of USB for file transfer and tap on that to open up these options
Next, you should recognize, depending on your device, either an option for Transferring Files or using MTP mode. Select this also check whether Android File Transfer can immediately access your phone.
Reinstall Android File Transfer
If all of this confirms unsuccessful it's worth removing Android File Transfer from your system and reinstalling it to recognize if there was an issue by the first version. To do that, open Finder plus select the Applications section. In here, find Android File Transfer and right-click open up the contextual menu.
Select Move to Bin next right-clicks on the Trash Bin plus select Empty Bin.
Promptly you can download Android File Transfer and try again.
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