Infrared Thermometer RTM-I11
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The RTM-I11 non-contact infrared thermometer uses a single-point laser positioning quasi-system to assist in aligning the target. It can perform fast and simple temperature detection without touching the object. The emissivity of this product is adjustable, and the adjustment range is 0.10 to 1.00. It can be adjusted according to the surface of different objects to make the measurement more accurate. The shell of this product uses hard ABS, which is small and portable.
2.General parameters:
Display:26.3 × 21.7mm LCD screen
Test parameters:Temperature
Measurement method:Non-contact measurement
Sampling time:100ms
Measured value hold:Support
Time base:Quartz crystal
Power supply:2X1.5VAAA (UM-4) battery
Power consumption:Approx. 15 mA
Size:175*100*45 mm
Weight:135g(not included batteries)
Standard configuration:main unit*1, box*1, manual*1, AAA batteries*2
3.Technical parameters:
Sensor type:Thermopile sensor
Object temperature:Celsius degree:0 to +60(Fahrenheit degree:+32 to +140)
Accuracy:±0.5℃Celsius degree(0 to +50)
Conversion of units:Celsius / Fahrenheit degree conversion
Response time (95%):
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