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Interior design companies in Marathahalli | scondesign

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Interior design is defined as, “the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.” While a “process” may include a set of rules or stringent guidelines, the concept of “art” is much more fluid and subjective. Consequently, perceptions of design style can be confusing without a common frame of reference. If a client cannot clearly articulate his or her vision for decorating a residential or commercial space, it presents a great challenge for an interior designer.This glossary was created for a number of reasons: Inform – Serve as a comprehensive repository of style definitions; Inspire – Help clients visualize how various rooms and styles can be blended to create a personalized decor theme; Empower – Make it easier for designers and clients to effectively communicate ideas.We started with 100 of the most popular interior design styles and we’ve recently added five more to the list. The guide will continue to grow over time and we welcome suggestions.
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