£100.00 Is It Possible to Whiten Dental Implants?

Is It Possible to Whiten Dental Implants?

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Teeth whitening treatment is the best way to brighten up your smile. However, these treatments are not effective on prosthetic teeth or dental implants. That's why if you have had a dental crown for a long time and you're noticing some discoloration, you have only one option, go for a new crown. It is because traditional whitening materials do not work on crowns and bridges. It can easily damage the implant as the materials from which dental implants are made cannot be compared to natural enamel.
Therefore, you need to research before getting dental implants in South East London and discuss their effects on appearance with your dentist. Once you understand what makes dental implants so unique, you can continue to have a beautiful and functional smile.
Whitening Dental Implants
Usually, most dental crowns are made of porcelain or ceramic. Many whitening materials can be either abrasive on crowns or won’t absorb into the artificial tooth since it is a nonporous material. It simply means
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