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Kst401 factory

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Website: http://www.gu-yue.net/thermostat/kst401/
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http://www.gu-yue.net/thermostat/kst401/ Technical parameters:
1. Electrical parameters: 16A 250V 锝?
2. Operating temperature range: 5 鈩冿綖 45 鈩?
3. Electric strength: 2000V 锝?1min, no breakdown and flashover;
4. Insulation resistance: 鈮?100m 惟;
5. Service life: 100000 cycles;
6. Temperature regulating shaft rotation angle: 0 掳 to 300 掳 optional;
7. Terminal blocks: according to the actual needs of customers, there are 6.3 * 0.8 , which are in line with the national standard
Technical parameters
Rated voltage Rated current Operating Temperature Plastic casing Adjustable range
AC250V 50/60HZ16A resistive load0-90C卤5C T90 0-300掳Kst401 factory
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