Laser Diameter Gauge factory
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Dual Axis Laser Link Diameter Gauge
Opmac 40 BL, measuring range: 1-40mm
1. Scanning speed
1800 times / second
2. Data processor and data storage
Using high-performance DSP processor, it can carry out high-speed and high-precision operations; using large-capacity FLASH memory, convenient data recording.
3. Communication interface
RS232 and RS485 communication interface, can be connected to the computer on-line detection, can also be stored in the measurement records transmitted to the computer.
4, continuous measurement, data retention, data storage
Continuous measurement can observe and move the object under test, data can be maintained for easy recording, data storage can be carried out according to machine position, line position, time data storage.
5, data parameter settings
Data parameters can set the nominal value and tolerance of the object to be measured; alarm warning of excess; set the level of the machine to be measured, line position, process standards, etc.

XZ:Standard diameter of the measured objective
Working condition & Environment
Power requirements:176V ~ 264V AC 50Hz
Operating condition: 5 ~ 45℃ ≤85%RH
Consumed Power:≤12W
Laser Diameter Gauge factory
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