£199.99 MÝ690LÍMT | MÝ580LÍMT | Mý690LÍMT | Mý580LÍMT

MÝ690LÍMT | MÝ580LÍMT | Mý690LÍMT | Mý580LÍMT

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Price: £199.99
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Big GPS device with big features This is a big GPS device with a large screen of 6-inch with bright and vivid colours. It features 3D junction view, real-time traffic updates, free monthly maps, restaurant guide and landmark guidance.
The device provides you with timely alerts about road changes ahead like narrow roads, overtaking lanes, merging lanes and much more.
It is a pleasure to use this device because of its large screen which makes for easy viewing. With the guidance and alerts it provides, it becomes quite easy to find the nearest rest stops, fuel-stations, cafes and eateries. With the option of 3D viewing, the map becomes lifelike.
My690LMMT | My580LMT
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