£1495.00 Mahishasura-Mardini Ten-armed Durga - Oil Painting On Canvas

Mahishasura-Mardini Ten-armed Durga - Oil Painting On Canvas

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This brilliant painting, oil on canvas, as large as four by six feet, rendered in modern art style but with a mythical theme, represents the ten-armed Devi – Goddess, killing the buffalo demon Mahisha, better known as Mahishasura. The goddess is attended on her right by goddess Lakshmi carrying a lotus in her right hand, and a pot of gems, in her left, and on her left, by goddess Saraswati carrying in her right hand a lotus bud, and in her left, her usual ‘vina’ – stringed musical instrument. Though while the gold complexioned Lakshmi is attired in pinkish mauve ‘sari’ and blue complexioned Saraswati, in light green, in their overall adornment – style of crowns, garlands of fresh flowers, and other ornaments, the two figures are almost identical.

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