McAfee installation with product key

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Get several McAfee features today
PC, mobile, and tablet anti-virus Protect your devices from malware, trojans, spyware, cyber attacks, and phishing. Remotely locate, lock, or wipe lost devices.
Website safety adviser Avoid risky websites and suspicious links. Scan all downloads so you never open dangerous files. Keep personal details hidden online.
True Key password manager Store all your logins in one place and never forget a password again. Hassle-free logins for all your favorite apps, sites, and devices.
Anti-spam email protection Block unwanted and dangerous emails and prevent your computer from spreading spam to other devices.
Home network security Identify devices connected to your Wi-Fi and prevent intruders from accessing your home network. Keep your sensitive information secure.
Start Creating a Mcafee account
To create a McAfee account between the activation. Click on the register when you are done with redeeming the key and redirected the login page.
Where you see to log in there is also an option to register, just click on register.
On the registration page, you need to fill some information like your name, your email and this page will also ask you for a password. Most noteworthy thing here to mind that this password field asking you to create a new password for your McAfee account.
Now when you will submit all filled information, a confirmation email will be sent to your given email account. So go to your email inbox and confirm it’s you.
When you will click on the confirmation link it will again redirect you to the login page. Now your McAfee account is being created and you can log in with your given email and the password which you made before.
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