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Moonlight Tandoori | Get 10% off on orders over £15

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Essex - Harlow - CM18 7NW
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Welcome to Moonlight Tandoori! Situated in the heart of the city, we are not just a restaurant; we are a destination where the essence of Indian culinary artistry comes alive. Here, we don't merely serve meals; we curate culinary experiences that take you on a delightful journey through India's vast culinary landscape. If you search within Harlow using the keywords curry in harlow, indian takeaway near me, rest assured we can be found..

From the moment you step into Moonlight Tandoori, you are enveloped in a warm, inviting ambience that is evocative of the opulent dining traditions of India. The aroma of spices roasting in the tandoor, the sizzle of delicacies being prepared, and the sight of our chefs artistically plating dishes all contribute to the sensory spectacle that awaits you. Our menu is a rich tapestry of Indian cuisine, featuring dishes from various regions, each possessing its distinct flavour profile.
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