£0.00 Now seeking and giving approvals is a breeze

Now seeking and giving approvals is a breeze

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Every business deals with multiple external collaborators and has many employees as well. And every business owner or manager in a firm is tasked with ensuring employees work productively and external collaborators, including customers, are satisfied. Making sure that customers are happy is essential to a business’s success. To keep customers satisfied, businesses share ideas, concepts, designs, illustrations, and images with customers. These are often shared as softcopies, and customers are expected to either approve or reject them. Business owners and senior managers are the ones who share these soft copies with customers and then wait anxiously for a reply.

The approval-seeking process is usually long and tedious. Once soft copies are shared with customers, business owners and managers repeatedly remind customers to give their approval. Perhaps most disheartening is the fact that at any one time, approvals are being sought from dozens or even hundreds of customers. Repeatedly havi
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