£1.00 Octofrost -  IQF Freezer

Octofrost - IQF Freezer

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Modern freezing approaches require innovation, speed, and efficiency. That is precisely what Octofrost was focused on when designing the IQF Freezer. The automated processing equipment for Individually-Quick-Frozen products is the best on the market, and here’s why:
● Optimized production speed – when looking to incorporate machinery into your production line, what you need is something to take your production to the next level. With this Freezer, you know it won’t be a bottleneck at any point;
● Fine-tuned controls – unlike older systems, our IQF tunnel allows you to control the freezing process as much as you need. Each product and processing speed might require an adjustment, but once it’s locked in, it can be reutilized for as long as you need.
● Wide variety of products – our Freezer lets you freeze anything from grapes to cheese. Simply configure the device beforehand, make sure it’s loaded in correctly and it will handle everything else.
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