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Opening of Malls and Shops

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Opening of Malls and Shops
Unfortunately, in more ways than one, this question is a trap for shopping mall proprietors. They may become ill if they do not put in place the proper processes for people’s protection. The wrong approach would be to focus all our efforts and attention on getting shopping malls up and running like they did in February, i.e, with little to no underlying changes other than the standard distancing protocols, mandatory masks, and other tactics that are about as common in retail as buying things on credit at this point.

If these would have been effective, then there would be no need for the government to reintroduce the stay-at-home mandates. The right approach would be to think about the both the safety measures as well as the economy which is the most affected area due to this pandemic. So, the grocery stores should be open on odd-even basis so that a bunch a population does not gather at a place. One should go out only if necessary, as health should be the to
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