PIMAFUCORT SUPER cream against ALL FUNGI, infections, bacteria

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Available in the form of cream or ointment
It works against all major pathogens of infectious skin diseases bacteria and fungi
Relieves inflammation, itching, and swelling
Pimafucort ® Cream suitable for adults and children for acute inflammation, bright redness, on the sensitive areasskin (face, creases, inintimate area , etc.)
Pimafucort ® Ointment is used by adults with chronic skin inflammation, which is accompanied by dryness, peeling, cracks
It has a devastating effect on a wide range of bacteria, in particular-on staphylococci, streptococci, Escherichia coli 1, which can cause skin infections.
It has an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect, helping to eliminate itching and redness on the affected area of the skin.
A multi-component drug will both eliminate the initial inflammation and prevent the infectious process, when it is not possible to determine exactly what pathogen it was caused by.
A high level of safety will allow you to use the product on the most delicate and sensitive areas of the skin, including children's.
- tuberculosis of the skin, skin manifestations of syphilis, viral infections of the skin, open wounds, ulcers
- acne, rosacea, ichthyosis
- anogenital itching, skin tumors
This is the only cream / ointment with such a combined composition. There are no analogues of this cream/ointment.
The best cream at the moment.
Sending from Moscow. It takes 3-4 weeks. Find me on eBay ID top100creams or PIMAFUCORT
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