£1300.00 Porsche 928 Roof bars & roof/ski box

Porsche 928 Roof bars & roof/ski box

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Roof bars:
These bars are the proper OEM Eckel pair that allow opening of the hatch whilst fitted and loaded (unlike the cheaper Yakima 'clamp-down' type that clamps to the hatch itself). The rear bar bolts into the hatchway and I'm including all four 'long' bolts that are required for fitting. The ones you might see in your hatchway currently are the shorter bolts just to plug the threaded holes.

The previous own lost the keys but, I never bothered replacing the locks. He also managed to cause slight cosmetic damage to one of the handles and I've shown this in a specific close-up. It does not affect the lever itself.

Roof ski box:
The lid is heavy duty GRP (that's fibreglass folks) and the base is durable ABS. The paint has small 'blisters' in places - looks as though it had been raining and I've provided close-ups for better insight. Not bad for 30-40 years age though. The next owner will doubtless rub-down and respray to match their car anyway. Rams need replacing.
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