£0.00 Pythagorean Betting System-Make Money Use Sport Betting

Pythagorean Betting System-Make Money Use Sport Betting

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The Pythagorean Betting System is my ultimate way to find out which team is undervalued and overvalued in all the major professional leagues, including NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL. It makes use of the Pythagorean Expectation Theorem to calculate which teams are undervalued or overvalued. When a team that's losing far more than they should be losing is playing against a team that's winning far more than what they should be winning, it creates a powerful opportunity to exploit a possible inefficiency on the point spread or money line odds. It's like buying into a publicly traded company at an undervalued stock price so you can profit from it once the market corrects.

How  Pythagorean Betting System Works?

Using the Pythagorean Expectation Formula, I calculated that Dallas should be winning several percentage points higher than they currently are (should be winning 49.6% of their games, but they're only winning 44.7%), while Detroit is winning far more games than they should be (they're winn
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