Quality & Accreditation For Hospitals, Clinics/Polyclinics or Laboratories

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Dr.Galen, drgalen.org with a unique background in health information via Artificial Intelligence and Real Consultations, backed by Health Check, Accident & Emergency Portal, provides Accreditation (quality check) of health care facilities like Hospitals, Clinics/Polyclinics and Laboratories.
This accreditation is done by health care team with long experience in hospital inspections and assessment.
Three levels of Bronze Award, Silver Award and Gold Award are given to the organizations which reach the satisfactory level of assessment and evaluation.
Once the award is given to the institutions, the institution is allowed to display their certificate. These awards are provided to reassure the patients and public, that the institutions are credible and safe. These awards are given after careful checking of the facilities through electronic means, available information, checking with patients, users and staff and government/non-government reports, backed by direct inspection if so required.
These awards provide a stamp of approval for the healthcare provider without much hassle and is held at high esteem. Please enroll your hospital, clinic/polyclinic or laboratory today!
Three types:
Hospitals, Clinics/Polyclinics, Laboratories.
Three Levels:
Bronze Award, Silver Award, Gold Award
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