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R Programming Training in Chennai

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R Programming Training in Chennai
In the R programming course in Chennai offered by IntelliMindz, you will learn how to write efficient coding in R programming and how to use R programming. By the completion of R programming Training in Chennai, you will become familiar with basic key concepts such as data mining, array calculations, data analysis techniques, loops, data manipulation, data visualization, data handling using statistical analysis, and graphical representation using R with real-time practice in live projects.

R programming is an open-source programming language and it is widely used for data analysis. It was developed by Robert Gentleman and Ross haiku. R programs generally come with a command-line interface. It is used in platforms like Linux, Windows, and macOS. R programming language is an advanced cutting edge tool. It combines scoping semantics inspired by Scheme. Enroll in our R programming Course in Chennai to explore more.
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