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Sanigate is a disinfectant company that builds specially designed gates comprising of a liquid which is sprayed from 7 different points to everyone who passes through the gate portal. Sanigate gates are manufactured in Turkey.
The company (sanigate.uk) evolves the market trends by utilising innovative technology that produces sanitising products to help clean the environment. These products include Ikarus, Thema and Rapid gates.
It is successfully used in bars, clubs and other commercial areas producing satisfying results. Sanigate eradicates your client’s health concerns by spraying the bio-neutral mist from 7 different points to remove any potential bacteria that your client might be hosted to. WHO has repeatedly warned about the usage of chemical filled disinfectants since they are harmful to the health of your client. Sanigate builds chemical free liquid to be used in all its devices as a disinfectant.
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