£0.00 Short toe surgery at London foot and ankle surgery

Short toe surgery at London foot and ankle surgery

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If you have an issue with your toes, search for a specialist in central London. Make an appointment with the most qualified specialist. Short toe surgery clinic in London Foot and Ankle Surgery. For all foot and ankle conditions, our expert staff provides best treatment. This treatment provides for a greater length of the bones. The procedure begins with a precise bone cut that does not obstruct blood flow, followed by the insertion of an external fixator device that will extend the short bone over time. The external device allows you to gradually lengthen your bones by a few mm each day, after which it is removed. The length of the bone will steadily rise by 1mm per day until it reaches the required length.
We have a best Consultants & doctors Thousands of surgeries have been conducted at London foot and ankle surgery hospital book appointment Visit here - https://www.londonfootandanklesurgery.co.uk/surgeries/short-toe-surgery/
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