£1.00 Supercharger USA / EU adapter

Supercharger USA / EU adapter

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Price: £1.00
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On sale adapter for charging American Tesla on the European Supercharger
ADVANTAGES of this adapter:
1. The adapter body is made of heat-resistant, insulating material, internal connections of solid metal on CNC.
2. The adapter has a built-in thermal fuse that interrupts charging when the temperature reaches 100 degrees, (The test showed a maximum heating of 72 degrees, during full charge of the car, the maximum charging power was 135 kilowatts)
3. Does not reduce the charging speed, allows you to charge the car at full power station.
4. Lock button - you need to press the button on the adapter to disconnect from the Tesla Supercharger / CHAdeMO charging connector.
5. The shape of the adapter describes the shape of the Tesla Supercharger / CHAdeMO connector, as a result, the adapter becomes less noticeable during charging.
6. WARRANTY 10 years.
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