Techflow Drainage
Techflow Drainage
Techflow Drainage are your Cheshire-based, family-owned, specialist drainage service. We offer a full service from basic drain unblocking to complete excavation and replacement of all size pipework. We also specialise in CCTV surveying and no-dig rehabilitation of drainage systems utilising the latest technology and techniques. We put customer service at the forefront of everything we do as without a happy, satisfied customer we would not be in business. We strive to be different from the competition offering a fast and friendly solution to all your drainage issues with a 60-day guarantee offered on all blockages. Fixed costs, never an overtime / out of hours charge and all work carried out by fully trained and experienced local engineers. Contact Us: Address: Unit 5, Concraft Business Park, Northwich, Cheshire CW96GJ, UK Email: [email protected] Website:
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£49.00 24x7 Emergency Drainage Services UK | Call for Free Survey
24x7 Emergency Drainage Services UK | Call for Free Survey
We know blocked drains in House or offices can be a real problem not only for the unwanted overflow coming out of the drain but often it causes sinks and toilets to back up as well, not to mention the smell. We serve with the best equipment’s at the lowest cost solution. If we cannot shift the blockage using manual methods, we will move on to our high pressure drain jetting or hand held rotary machinery to blast our way through. So if you are facing any drainage issues at your property you can contact us by visiting our official site “mrdrains UK” or call us at our toll free number.
Ashford, Surrey
Construction - Renovation - Carpentry
£49.00 Blocked Drain Clearance at £49 UK
Blocked Drain Clearance at £49 UK
Drainage issues are a common problem with pipes and there are a number of reasons why this happens. Finding the common indications to a blocked drain can help to find out what to do next. There are many signs to warn you if your drains are blocked, noises coming from your drain are a big giveaway. If you can hear gurgling noises coming from your drain, it could mean there is air trapped in the pipes. When the water runs through the drains, it will try to flow around the blockage. If there is any blockage in your pipes, your water will drain slower than usual. Another sign of a blocked drain can be a bad odour coming from your bath, sink, shower or toilet. Finding and clearing the drains blockage can be easily resolved with MR Drains.
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