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Yeast extract beta glucan also named glukan glucano for strengthen resistance Yeast beta glucan Product introduction for enhance immune system Conventional yeast glucan is β-1,3-D-glucan as the main chain, β-1,6-D-glucan as a branched polymer polysaccharide, we use a special process, the polymer chain Into a small molecule chain products, to ensure efficacy, based on the greatly improved the water solubility of the product. Yeast beta glucan Product parameter for enhance immune system Yeast Beta-Glucan Manufacturer by: Shaanxi Huatai Bio-fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Usual Name: Yeast Beta Glucan Synonyms: Yeast beta-glucan Molecular Structure: Traits: Colorless liquid Solubility: Dissolved in water. Insoluble in ethanol Specification: Cosmetic&food grade Features: Cosmetics in the application is mainly reflected in anti-aging, enhance the body's immune system is also one of the effective anti-aging measures. Remove the external cause, yeast β-glucan can activate macrophages, neutrophils, etc., it can improve the content of interleukin, cytokinin and special antibodies, fully stimulate the body's immune system. Dosage: 1%-5% Packing: 25kg cosmetic&food grade plastic barrel Transport: Non-hazardous cargo(IMO/IATA) Remarks: Safety and efficacy report available upon request. Yeast beta glucan Product feature for enhance immune system Main function: Yeast beta-1, 3-D-glucan skin activator is a high purity cell extract, in fact yeast beta-1,3-D-glucan can be recognized by receptors on immunocompetent cell membranes and Activation of immunocompetent cells. Yeast beta-1,3-D-glucan, which increases epidermal growth factor (EGF) on aging skin and wrinkled skin, increases collagen and elastin in the skin, improving skin appearance and removing wrinkles. Enhance immune function. Yeast glucan special structure has a unique targeting features, can lock dormant, drug resistance and subclinical lesions of the "residual toxic cells," thus "synchronized" to reduce toxicity and maximize efficiency to protect the clinical effect . At the same time, yeast dextran can quickly activate the body's own immune regulatory and recognition mechanisms, thereby enhancing their combat effectiveness so that their immune system to achieve the best balance between these two aspects at the same time, the rapid increase in the shortest possible time the human disease resistance , To maintain the body's health. Yeast beta glucan Product qualification for enhance immune system Packing: 1. 25kg cosmetic&food grade plastic barrel (White or blue colour) 2. The final decision si depond on your company. immunity boosting ingredients factory website:
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