£400.00 Tear Trough Fillers | Dark Circles | Omniya Clinic London
Tear Trough Fillers | Dark Circles | Omniya Clinic London
Reduce Dark circles effectively with safe and affordable treatments at Omniya Clinic. OurTear Trough Filler treatment helps to remove Dark Circles. Leading London clinic, with a core focus on your internal health and well-being. Call us: 020 7584 4777 Email: [email protected]
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Dermal Fillers in London | Botox and fillers | Restore & Plump Skin
Dermal Fillers in London | Botox and fillers | Restore & Plump Skin
Dermal Fillers treatment for plump skin to restore volume. Leading clinic for affordable Fillers treatments for the lips, nose, cheeks, tear troughs and more. For more information, call 020 7584 4777.
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China Capacitor Making Machine factory
China Capacitor Making Machine factory
Function overview This equipment is suitable for assembling the positive and negative plates of Li-ion battery and the diaphragm in Z-shaped tracks. Automatic wrapping of isolation membrane on pole group, automatic cut off diaphragm, automatic sticking the terminated anti loose tape, manual blanking and manual collection of electric core. Performance characteristics 鈼?Both positive and negative electrodes are in single trough configuration, and the pole piece in the trough has a real-time floating structure. 鈼?The machine adopts slight bending, brushing, shaking action and elastic suction cup, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of multiple suction pieces 鈼?Accurate positioning for the second time to ensure the alignment of the pole pieces. 鈼?The equipment is equipped with a dedusting device, which can collect the dust falling off the pole piece and ensure the cleanness of the mechanical table. 鈼?The positive and negative plates are pressed alternately by positive and negative pressing claws to prevent cross contamination. 鈼?Before laminating, the positive and negative pole material trough are separated by diaphragms to prevent cross contamination . 鈼?The isolation membrane blows the drying ion wind to remove the static electricity of the diaphragm. 鈼?The secondary positioning of the machine is equipped with ultrasonic sensor, which can detect the heavier and missing pieces. 鈼?The machine adopts servo drive laminating table, which can make the force between the pole pieces even. 鈼?The machine adopts imported non trace buffer suction cup, which can effectively prevent indentation and the mark sucked by suction cup of the pole piece. 鈼?It has diaphragm recovery function and the first diaphragm deviation correction function. Material SpecificationIncoming MaterialLength锛坢m锛?/p>Width锛坢m锛?/p>Thickness 锛坲m锛?/p>Internal DiameterMaximum External Diameter Positive PoleSheet material65-19025-100100~280鈥斺€?/p>鈥斺€?/p> Negative PoleSheet material65-19025-10080~280鈥斺€?/p>鈥斺€?/p> Positive Pole Lug鈥斺€?/p>鈮?010-50鈥斺€?/p>鈥斺€?/p>鈥斺€?/p> Negative Pole Lug鈥斺€?/p>鈮?010-508~20鈥斺€?/p>鈥斺€?/p> DiaphragmCoil material鈥斺€?/p>33-18616~45蠁76.2桅250China Capacitor Making Machine factory website:http://www.mienrain.com/capacitor-making-machine/
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£3000.00 documents
If you need .... driving licence .... passport... visa... any other documents contact me trough whatsapp.... +44 7725 213945 sharonglobaldocument.com
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