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We are launching our products soon. We are providing all the basic accessories including home appliances, kitchen, travel, man and women clothing, etc at the best price. ----Use There are very a number of benefits that make them worth the cash for a parcel of people: saves energy faster to bubble or cook a few things very simple to utilize, for nearly every person they have exact temperatures (a few models) auto-cut-off highlight for active individuals (a few models) When buying an Electric Pot in India what to consider? Speed – how much time does the machine takes to perform a certain prepare/errand, like bubbling water Temperature alternatives – gives the choice of having exact temperature settings which are awesome for making green coffee, green tea, homegrown tea, etc. Exterior warm – how hot the body or handle gets whereas the pot is in use With a rope or cordless or separable cord Capacity – like 1L, 2L, or more.