£1200.00 Tame and friendly African grey parrot for sale ????

Tame and friendly African grey parrot for sale ????

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Price: £1200.00
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Selling my beautiful African grey parrot due to not having enough time for him. He is very friendly, he is good with my daughter and with our dogs. He’s got perfect feather condition, he’s not a plucker at all.
He’s got an absolutely amazing character, a very funny bird, likes to hang upside down in his cage also likes to be out and walk around the house. He’s vocabulary is amazing! He speaks in sentences says things like “ hello boy, come here, hey girl, oi, what your doing over there?, good morning girl, bye, good boy, where are you going?…and many more. He can learn new words very quickly, he is a very clever parrot. He can whistle and copy lots of noises like car alarm, phone ringing, McDonald’s advert.. He says hello when the phone rings.
The family who will buy him would be very lucky as he is truly amazing.
Please call for more info. Thank you
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