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Future Teleradiology Services is among the best service provider in India and neighbouring countries. With largest radiologist team, FTS has 500 clients including major projects of Indian government. As per survey most of the south Asian countries like Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Burma, Nepal , Sri lanka along with middle eastern and African countries like Nigeria , Qatar , Dubai , South Africa and UK, USA etc. are hiring Indian teleradiology firms to help them with xray , CT scan and MRI scan reporting.
Future Teleradiology services provide high-quality, accurate final and preliminary reads or x-rays/ radiograph, CT scan and MRI, across the globe throughout the year.
Subspecialty reports in the fields of Teleradiology services - Cardiology, Musculoskeletal disorders, Neuro-radiology, vascular disorders, Oncology, Chest related disorders, and Gastro-Intestinal disorders etc are regularly done.
We provide free PACS to all our clients with no additional expenses for IT support as well. Innovative features of our PACS not only help in telereporting, but also in backend monthly reports, TAT tracking and billing. These also reduce timings teleradiologist need to report each scan.
Contact us for more details: https://www.futureteleradiology.com/contact.html
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