The 6 Useful Tools for Mac Window Management

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Maintaining multiple windows on your Mac may be a difficult task. Since they tend to project, your appearance quickly gets cluttered and takes up the expensive workspace. Unfortunately, the built-in window manager doesn't offer many points to answer this problem.
1. Magnet
The magnet may be a simple app to arrange and manage windows by snapping them to different positions on the screen. Window snapping is feasible through drag-and-drop, keyboard shortcuts, and therefore the app’s menu. This arrangement eliminates the necessity for app switching and offers more workspace efficiency.
To get started, drag your window to a specific position or use the customizable shortcuts to perform the task. With moving them to your screen edges, these windows manage themselves into horizontal or vertical halves. Also once you move them to the corner, they own 1 / 4 of the screen.
2. HazeOver
Having many open windows are often distracting, especially when you’re trying to specialize in a specific task. HazeOver may be a distraction dimmer that highlights the active window and masks those within the background.
It puts you on top of things of configuring the hazing intensity and speed to your liking. To begin, attend Preferences > General and rotate the wheel to tweak the dimming percentage. Alternatively, found out a hotkey and trackpad gesture to regulate the intensity in 20 percent increments.
3. BetterSnapTool
BetterSnapTool may be a fully-featured customizable window organizer for Mac. The app allows you to instantly change the position and size of your windows by dragging them to the highest, left, or right edges, also because of the four corners of your desktop.
To make accordingly, open the app menu plus choose Change Window Position/Size. Alternatively, assign a shortcut to snap the windows in your required position. While snapping, it’ll show you a preview of how the alignment will look on the screen. the choices listed within the snap locations are customizable, so you'll disable ones you’ll never use.
4. Mosaic
In day-to-day tasks, you would possibly prefer fixing specific window arrangement for each scenario. But once you use too many apps, maintaining a uniform group of windows on the desktop becomes difficult. That’s wherever the Mosaic window management app for Mac can support.
It not only positions your windows but also helps categorize them so you usually have them accessible . to start with, grab your app window and drag it across the highest over anybody of the sizing options. you'll instead define a hotkey to present a layout picker for any active app if you favor.
The Layouts tab provides you complete control over all the possible layouts. Just use the configurable grid to define areas of the screen and found out a shortcut. you'll even organize your layouts to suit the way you're employed through the Groups tab.
5. Moom
Moom may be a customizable window manager that allows you to quickly move and zoom your windows around the screen. to urge started, hover the mouse over any green zoom button and choose your required position with a popup palette. you'll also drag a window to a foothold or corner of the screen.
After a couple of seconds, it'll show a preview displaying the dimensions and site of the dragged window. The app also allows you to configure a hotkey to trigger the Moom logo. With the keyboard-mode only custom commands, you get to regulate the position of your windows anywhere on the
6. Amethyst
As you almost certainly know, your windows can overlap with one another. A tiling window manager app organizes the apps on your desktop into non-overlapping tiles. It does this by putting your apps side-by-side, in rows, or using similar means. during this way, you'll utilize your workspace with maximum efficiency.
Amethyst may be a tiling window manager that automatically positions your windows consistent with the one among its predefined layouts (explained on Amethyst’s GitHub page). It allows you to move, focus, or cycle through them with the press of a hotkey. F
For example, within the Tall layout (Alt + Shift + A), the most window is on the left side while auxiliary ones stack vertically on the proper.
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