£371.25 The Bridal Shringara- Oil Painting On Canvas

The Bridal Shringara- Oil Painting On Canvas

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The brown, sparkling eyes keep a steady gaze over the mirror, stupified by their own beauty, filled with kohl and green eyeliner that enhances their beauty. The red-colored lips have twitched into a smile and the long, elegantly straight nose sets over the smooth, wheaty-complexioned face of the woman. Her neck is adorned with two dim faux colored diamond necklaces and white pearl Mala that drapes over her cleavage. This is a Bridal Shringara Oil Painting on Canvas which is made by artist anup gomay.

Bridal Shringara: https://exoticindiaart.com/product/paintings/bridal-shringara-OU50/

Oil Paintings: https://exoticindiaart.com/paintings/oils/

Paintings: https://exoticindiaart.com/paintings/
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